We offer a full consulting service support for clients looking to develop their business, attract local investment and find suitable partners in ASIA pacific, based on our expertise with the local market approach.

X-Ciel FA specializes in connecting businesses with the ASIA pacific market. We provide consulting services in a wide range of areas which include Business planning, operational workflows, local regulatory requirement, and Information Technology implementation. The Asian markets are consistently exceeding expectations for growth and India & Japan are two close participants which have become market leaders across many sectors. High Technology, Green Technology, Education, Automobiles, Energy, Real Estate, Consumer Goods, Retailing, Food and Beverage, Heavy Industry, Life Science and Media, are sectors in which X-Ciel FA excels. In addition, X-Ciel FA offers consulting services in Asian markets, which introduce the background of Asian’s country economic rise, key cultural concepts in business and analyse for market entry and expansion. X-Ciel FA’s expertise in the market and tailored approach to advising clients has resulted in a tangible record of success.
Business Planning   |   Operational Workflows   |   Local Regulatory Requirements   |   IT Implementations